Sunday, December 26, 2010

it may not be the Taj Mahal...

but it's my space.

it's kind of where i retreat to when the urge to play with paper hits...and when the weather is like it is here in Ohio right now, that urge happens a bit more frequently. :) above is my desk. now, if i'm being really does stay this clean/neat 90% of the time. CRAZY, RIGHT?! the only exception is when i'm working on the latest Studio Calico kit, and the contents of said kit are laying around. as soon as i'm done though, clean-up commences...clutter to me is distracting. if you are the kind of person who can happily sift through mounds of product and still feel creative...i actually kind of envy you, lol. my brain just doesn't work that way!

to the right of the window in the above photo is an Ikea Expedit 4x4 storage unit...housing my cardstock/patterned paper/albums/old locker baskets with the rest of my embellishments. i routinely purge supplies as i am looking through these baskets for who knows what, lol...i am EXTREMELY honest about what i think i may use in the future. again, it works for me to not be mushy about giving away product i know in my heart won't be put to good use. not everyone can do that...i get it! but my daughter loves just about anything i weed out, as do some ladies at work who are just starting out with this hobby. :)

this 3-tiered thingy that i scored at the Pottery Barn Outlet this summer serves it's purpose quite well. random items that used to clutter up my desk area are within reach, visible and begging to be used. :)

my mama picked up this wire holder thingy online...again, at Pottery Barn...thinking i could figure out something to use it for. she was right. :)
i *think* it was originally purposed for napkin-holding maybe?
i use it to keep my most used stamps handy...i got tired of reaching for the Days of the Week, Natalee alphabet , Addy alphabet and Doilies sets from my big stamp binder. this is WAY more convenient...and they are getting so much more use this way!!

oh, sweet border i adore thee.

and since relocating you to the top drawer of the storage cart that the 3-tiered thingy sits on, you are ever so much handier. the rest of my 'basic' punches (circles/squares/etc) are in the next drawer down...except for the Large Cloud and XL Cloud punches that keep finding their way onto my pages.

this special little tub of punches are my fave 'shaped' punches...funny, they are all Martha Stewart punches, aren't they!? i got tired of digging through the drawer for these, so out they came.

last but not least, is this fun metal tool carrier i picked up at an antique show for $5...the chippy red paint is my favorite part. it weighs a ton, and keeps my Mister Huey mists close at hand...although, i fear i may need to expand my mist storage soon. ;)
so there you have it.
a brief peek into my space...
like i said, it may not be grand...but it's mine.
and i'm happy in here.


  1. i like it :) it's functional and sweet! loving all of your vintage/flea market finds!

  2. I could definitely use a 3 tiered thingy for all my misc embellishments that lay scattered all over my desk! Love how organized you are!!

  3. i LOVE IT!

    word verification? :) inker

  4. I love the various bins and things you have found to organize! What a great scrapping area!

  5. Love it Nicole - we have similar space and storage styles. I keep my fave punches out in a similar bucket. What you do in the space is what matters and your work always inspires me!!

  6. Love your workspace Nik! So homey and welcoming! Makes me want to create! :) TFS!!!

  7. All I can say is YUM! Just seeing all those border punches lined up makes me all warm and fuzzy inside:)

  8. wow, love your space!! I wish I was as organized as you! :)

  9. Kate aka stinkydudetteDecember 26, 2010 4:23 PM

    Major loves for your space, and so neat! lol... I love how organized your border punches are (unlike mine that are just haphazardly piled on top of each other on a shelf). Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Looks great!! You are making me wish I was at home and could scrap!

  11. oohh I just love taking a peek into other people's crafty spaces! Yours is great--love the red metal container and how neat & tidy it all is! I should take a lesson ;)

  12. I love how personal your space is -- you've acquired lots of items that are both useful and beautiful! And oh man, I love that tiered thingy. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for one of my own!